Welcome to Holland Miss Jarah!

After what seems FOREVER, finally the day arrived when we could bring our new little Dachshund puppy home. We arrived early and had a lovely visit with the breeder and then it was time to say goodbye… She left such a good home that even I felt just awful at that moment. Goodbyes are never easy..

The trip home was a long drive, but went really well! Jarah slept on my lap and was quiet as a mouse. Brave little puppy! The picture of Jarah is taken in the car on her way from Germany to Holland. After a three-hour drive we arrived home. Jarah adapted very quickly to her new surroundings. She immediately started eating and drinking, met Laika, met the cats and explored her new surroundings. Everything went really well! The pictures below are taken in the following weeks, enjoy!

Eindelijk mogen we dan onze prachtige pup gaan halen in Duitsland! De autorit ging prima, Jarah heeft de hele tijd liggen slapen. Bij thuiskomst kennis gemaakt met haar nieuwe huis de poezen en Laika. Al met al een zware dag voor de jonge pup, maar het ging allemaal prima. Onze fluffy mandjes zijn een GROOT succes! De foto’s hieronder zijn genomen gedurende de weken na thuiskomst. Veel plezier!


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