A Fisherman’s Friend?

We went on our daily splash-walk in a nearby recreational area. This park is safe enough to let Jarah run free without a leash, so that is always a good practice. I must say, for a now 17 week old puppy she really listens very well and can keep up with us very nicely. She loves her freedom to explore things on her own, but you can always see her looking for us and paying attention to what we are doing. For a while now we have a new phenomenon in “our” park : fishermen… From the look of their armour you would think we have the most enormous prehistoric sized creatures swimming around in this child friendly little lake. The fishermen are scattered around the waterfront in their hip masculine little green tents,  dressed in an appropriate military style outfit, battling the fish with multiple fishing rods. Who would have thought a little Dachshund puppy would stir up such a commotion with those big strong men?! Jarah has a friendly personality and loves to go say hi to people. So when she saw these big men sitting in front of their green tents she was thrilled! Hi! Hello! Look mum! They have food!! I have never seen two men jump up and out-of-the-way so quickly. They nearly squealed, really. Jarah had no intension of leaving of course, she happily invites herself to any party. So there I went, to the rescue. Armed with my little bag of treats and my happy face I saved the poor fishermen from an exited little puppy. No fishermen were harmed during the making of these pictures.. 😉

Wij zijn in het Haarlemmermeerse Bos geweest om heerlijk te zwemmen en even af te koelen. Laika is dol op water en gek op zwemmen, Jarah doet gewoon gezellig mee en loopt enthousiast met takjes en polletjes gras door het water te slepen.  In het Haarlemmermeerse Bos heb je de laatste tijd veel vissers. Jarah heeft ontdekt dat ze dol is op vissers. Ze hebben namelijk altijd wel iets te eten bij zich in hun kleine groene tentjes, zo leuk! Aas noemen ze dat, maar what’s in a name…?! Tijdens onze wandeling vond Jarah zo’n gezellig (eet)tentje…Helemaal compleet volgens de look: 2 kratjes bier, meerdere hengels in professionele standaards, een rubberbootje, 2 emmers eten aas, en 2 stoere mannen gekleed in hippe mannelijke militaire outfits. Ik heb nog nooit 2 volwassen kerels zo snel verschrikt op zien springen bij het zien van mijn kleine Teckelpup… eerlijk waar, ze gilden nog nèt niet….  Jarah vond het geweldig gezellig allemaal en hopste blij van tent naar tent en was totaal niet van plan om te vertrekken. Als een kleine bruine tornado raasde ze vrolijk in de rondte en had het geweldig naar haar zin. Gewapend met mijn gestoomde kippenlever en mijn happy face heb ik uiteindelijk de arme vissers kunnen redden van de vrolijke pup. Ik stond er zelf ook van te kijken, maar ze luisterde prima. Zo jong en dan al zo goed luisteren….heel knap ;-)!

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2 Responses to A Fisherman’s Friend?

  1. dackelsucht says:

    I am soooo freaking proud of you, and the other “mums and dads” of this litter. Seldom have I found such amazing dachshund owners! And I do enjoy the blogs tremendously. It seems to say: See, you have given a good start, but the new owners take the dogs to the next level.

    Soon (beware) I will be coming for the control visit with the papers. And I am not in the least worried about what I will find. I KNOW I have found the best homes possible

  2. Thanks for that sweet compliment miss K. You can also be very proud of yourself for the way you keep your dogs and breed the puppy’s. I am really glad I took my time to look for that one special puppy that just had it all in regards to breeding, feeding, and the way they were kept. Growing up in a large pack really makes all the difference for a dog. You will be so proud of little miss Jarah when you come to visit. Her sparkling personality and endless happy energy is just wonderful. I take my hat of to you miss K. You set a great example for all breeders out there.

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