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Dachshunds are delicious!


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Tooth Fairy

I had to search the web today. I was looking for the English word for “kies”, which apparently is “molar”. I was going to tell you this fascinating story about how I found one of Jarah’s molars in the back garden, but the info … Continue reading

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Dachshund Or Pussycat?

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Sun, Sea, Sand …

We’re back in Holland and what better way to end a super vacation then with a trip to the beach. The weather was just super, the beach was really quiet, the dogs were happy, what more could you ask for! The dogs … Continue reading

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For one of our last walks we went to the beautiful forests near the village of Baneux. The forest is kind of spooky, like you are in an exiting fairytale by the Brothers Grimm… Magical..We had some rain over the past few days so … Continue reading

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This is Chippie. Chippie is the dog of the owner of our rental house in Belgium. I have never ever met a dog with a more annoying bark than Chippie. She barks the whole time, it is SO annoying, really! Of course, Jarah and Chippie … Continue reading

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The Poisonous Toad Adventure

It’s late, nearly’s raining in the Ardennes…no wind, no sound…everything is pitchblack outside..My husband takes the dogs outside to let them pee for the last time before bedtime. I am sipping my last tea in front of the fire when suddenly … Continue reading

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