The Summer Look

For our traditionally “Summer Look” it was time to shave the Wookie. My sister-in-law was so super sweet to spend her day off in my kitchen with her shaving kit to relieve Laika from her fur coat, and after a five (!!!) hour grooming, the result is just wonderful. Thank you Stefanie!!                                           I think Laika looks just SUPER  😉

Voor onze traditionele “Summer Look” was het tijd om de Wookie te scheren. Mijn schoonzusje was zo super lief om haar vrije dag in mijn keuken door te brengen met haar trimspulletjes om  Laika van haar vacht te ontdoen, en na vijf uur (!!!! ) scheren  is het resultaat gewoon geweldig. Dankjewel Stefanie!!  Laika ziet er SUPER uit!  😉

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2 Responses to The Summer Look

  1. Cora says:

    Definetely a girl who rocks the short-hair-look 🙂

  2. Does she perhaps qualify for your search for the long-legged Dackel? You could not get it any more Prehistoric than this… It’s a Dackel Dino 🙂

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