Just a Day on the Beach..

Last Sunday we had a lovely afternoon on the beach. The sea was nice and calm with a low tide, so the dogs could around in the puddles. Because it was a bit cloudy, the beach was nice and quiet. Of course I had brought my video, and of the best moments I have tinkered up a cute video. Enjoy!

Afgelopen zondag hebben we een leuke middag op het strand gehad. De zee was rustig, en het was eb zodat de honden lekker door de plassen konden rennen. Omdat het een beetje bewolkt was, was het strand heerlijk rustig. Uiteraard had ik mijn video camera bij me, en heb van de beste momenten een leuke video in elkaar geknutseld. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Just a Day on the Beach..

  1. handvolldackel says:

    Yay, the Edle Dachshund in action! Dende also never gets in deeper than knee-deep (his knees) if he can avoid it. Usually in that moment a friendly and extremely wet Retriever comes along to drip on him.

  2. Yeah, a splash is great, a swim is just awful 🙂 She’s backing away from the waves because just before that she got drenched by a couple of waves rolling on top of her. I was too late to catch that on film…

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