Ode to my Purple Crocs…

I loved my Purple Crockies,

bought them in Greece, how great!

They made my feet look awesome,

it really was like Fate.

I even bought a Dino,

to give my Crocs some Flair.

It had a happy color,

yet still it matched my hair.

But then we got a Dachsie,

Miss Jarah was her name.

Now well known on the internet,

a real life star with fame.

With Dachshund dedication,

she gnawed my Purple Crocs.

And chewed the pretty Dino,

until its head came off.

And then a few years later,

Miss Penny came to town.

She was a pretty Dachsie,

all black, and grey, and brown.

She loved, just like Miss Jarah,

my little Purple Friends.

She gnawed with sharp precision,

with teeth as hard as gems.

So now my Purple Darlings,

have found the saddest fate.

I’ve tried my best to save them,

alas, I was too late.

A broken string beyond repair,

Miss Penny’s final touch.

And now my Crocs are in the bin,

I loved them o so much.

Goodbye my Friends, we had a blast,

for years you gave me flair.

But truly, on the floppy string,

I’ll break my neck, I swear.

Of course my Little Monsters,

won’t miss my Purple Crocs.

They’ll quickly find Replacements,

to provide my Daily Shocks.

So let us all remember,

My Little Purple Friends.

Please take a mo of silence,

then do a song and dance…



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2 Responses to Ode to my Purple Crocs…

  1. handvolldackel says:

    The only dance appropriate for such occasion (and any occasion, in fact) is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XXjj0lNi48
    (And haven’t I just seen the purple crocs on a pic?)

  2. You treasure that pic, because it’s the very, very last pic you’ll ever see of my purple Zapatos de la Muerte..

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