Happy 2013 !!!

Happy 2013 Jarah PennyThe year has gone, we take a mo,

to reflect the year that’s passed.

When I look back I realize,

the Dachsies had a blast.

For me the highlight I must say,

was when the Dachsies went,

into the preschool to have a play,

after darkness had descent.

The teachers had a late night meet,

the Dachsies heard them leave,

and off they went to meet and greet,

and left the hubby peeved.

The teachers did their very best

to shut down the alarm,

while the hubby did his very best,

to prevent the rats from harm.

They ran and fluttered through the dark,

they had an awesome time.

Then Laika joined the happy bunch,

to see if all was fine.

Of course the only harmed by this,

was alas the hubby’s ego.

Master Dogwhisperer thinks that he can’t miss,

yet Dachsies have their own flow.

So now that we are on the verge,

Of 2013

I predict our Dachshund adventures are gonna be,

more fun than ever seen.

I hope you’ll join us once again,

and  I wish from me to you:

Happy new year everybody!

May all your dreams come true!

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1 Response to Happy 2013 !!!

  1. handvolldackel says:

    Alas, one of my wishes won’t come true:
    I wish I could writes rhymes just half as well as you 🙂
    My other wishes come in prose and say:
    Have a happy, healthy, wealthy New Year!

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