Goodbye Laika…

Laika memoriam strand 2013

Sometimes we wish for silence

to help in hectic times

Or silence that is peaceful,

when troubles fill our minds

The silence that I hear today,

is the lacking of your presence.

No more breathing, no more life,

it’s silence in its essence.

Tears in my heart for having lost,

wish you were here with me.

The body left, the struggle tossed,

I hope you now have peace.

Though over the rainbow you are sent,

 I still worry are you ok..

Are you happy where you are..

Will you find your way..

Goodbye sweet Laika our journey ends,

please make it on your own.

Always on my mind you are, you’ll never be alone.

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Laika 2001-2013. She will be missed.

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One Response to Goodbye Laika…

  1. handvolldackel says:

    I’m so terribly sorry for your loss. I’m sure she’s somewhere safe and warm and happy, and you’ll never forget her.

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