What’s been going on on Planet Dachshund?

Yes it’s been mighty quiet around here, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been incredibly adventurous this summer, let’s catch up!

Jarah annoyed hugged lots of Pokémon gamers.


At the beginning of this summer the Pokémon trend hit Holland, and boy did we know it. Almost overnight our parks were flooded with hundreds of people, offering a true treasure of Beauty and the Geek material. The extremely pale, bearded, long-haired youngsters. Wearing washed-out neutral colors, and socks with shorts. All lured out of their bat-caves mother’s attic by the call of the Pokémon. Then there were the cool kids, the young kids, the old kids. The most funny ones were the adults, who tried very hard to hide the fact that they were playing a children’s game. It was totally awesome. Of course for a Dachshund like Jarah -who feels it is her mission to go say hi to every human on the planet- it was pure heaven. I think we have most definitely enhanced the experience of dozens of Pokémon gamers with our sparkling energy. We can’t wait for the next hype to flood our parks. Something like Pac Man perhaps? We always love a good chase..

Penny struck a pose.

Penny’s photographical history shows us that being, like, really, really, really good looking, doesn’t necessarily mean you are also photogenic. But Penny is finally getting the hang of it. We proudly present The Magnum  Blue Steel  El Tigre.


And mimicked an Anemone.


Jarah lost her Bottom.


No, we are not going to make smart remarks about the physique of my elegant little critter. Jarah is light as a feather and moves like a brick butterfly. The fact that the floor collapsed from underneath her is purely a matter of ehm… material fatigue. Yes. That’s what it is. During a two hour reconstruction the husband reinforced the floor of the castle with supporting wooden beams, and harmony was restored on Planet Dachshund.

There was this blurr..



Something crept up from behind. 



All you see is that angry bird


Last summer we made lots of progress in getting the dogs to use their own doggy beds in the garden, instead of my garden chairs. It allowed me to bring the number of available garden chairs down to two, instead of four, leaving the doggy beds unused and me uncomfortably squeezed in between two Dachshunds. So because acceptance is a great way to not have to deal with what’s incredibly annoying, it was time for some good old fashioned retail therapy. Time for some new chair cushions in a timeless tropical pattern. I was sold the moment I saw them. I figured that with any luck those angry birds would work as a Dachshund deterrent. Which of course they didn’t. In fact now when the Dachsies sit on them the birds look more like furious guardians on a Dachshund shrine. “Don’t you dare touch this holy creature, or you will die”. They are mighty comfy though.


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