New Years Resolutions 2017

wise-yogi-No more vacuuming before 11 A.M., Penny needs her rest.

-Never ever wash both dog beds and all sofa pillows at the same time, that did not go down well.

-Try harder to figure out what Jarah wants me to do when she does the sit-stare, she does not have all day.

-Wait patiently until Dachshund is done sniffing, even when it’s freezing.

-Find a way to not look stupid when both Dachshunds do the Houdini and I’m just standing there with two empty collars on a leash.

-Find a faster way to close and lock the front door behind me, because a Dachshund has no reverse.

-Always apologize, even though it’s not my fault.

-Be the towel.

-Never ever touch Penny’s feet without her permission.

-Sit still until Dachshund is fully rested.

-Always give Dachshund a sample of everything I’m eating.

-Never replace a shredded Hydrangea.

-Always open the back door, even though it has a cat flap.

-Find out what the hell that white stuff is that smells so pungent.

-Don’t throw a ball unless I feel like going to get it myself.

-Pray for a housecleaner patience.

-Always sacrifice personal comfort to give Dachshund extra lumbar support.

-Obedience: try lowering expectations instead.

-Adapt daily routine to Dachshund schedule.

Leave all doors open so Penny does not have to wait. Be more Feng Shui.

-Always pull out extra garden chairs to avoid loosing battle.

-Practice looking natural for when I’m suddenly on my own in a field.

-Frame Yogi Tea label: “Every smile is a direct achievement”.

-Be more suspicious when it’s silent.

-Accept that one step forward will always mean three steps back to go get your Dachshund.

-See a freshly dug hole in the garden as an opportunity.

-Always put Jarah’s food in a bowl so she can spread it out on the kitchen floor.

-New Mantra: Sand is my Friend

-Never ever sing “jummy, jummy, jummy who wants food in their tummy”  after a phone call switched to voicemail.

-Reminder: Everything that looks funny, probably is.

-Look more cool when playtime suddenly turns into a moment of serenity and I’m the only one holding a squeaky toy.

-Note to self: Because I’m worth it.


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