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Facing the Ghost of Christmas Past…

O joy! It’s December! A time to reflect on the year that’s past, a time to stress about celebrate the holidays, and most importantly; a time for new dog coats. I have been making my own dog coats for a … Continue reading

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Tinkerbell got a new bag! Loves it!

“Have a great vacation! Don’t forget the doggy coats!” Yes, yes, yes, I know.. No matter how many lists I make, we always forget to pack something. Over the past years we’ve forgotten all sorts of things: cutlery,  tea towels, bath towels, … Continue reading

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Cool Coat

For our winter vacation I needed a warm coat for Jarah, just in case it got really cold and snowy, like last year. However, nothing fitted her Dachshund body. So I decided to make one myself. I expected a lot of … Continue reading

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