The Day Nothing Happened…

On this magical day I’m taking you back to the 21st of December 2012: Doomsday. Or Armageddon if you like. Or the Apocalypse. Or the day we would all either get blown into smithereens by the planet Nibiru or get swallowed up by a black hole. Really you’d wish someone would make up their mind about these things, I mean what’s a girl to wear? Of course in the end nothing happened, which is slightly disappointing, but also quite suspicious I think. Fear not, I have come up with a couple of theories as to what could have caused this epic fail.

-It was a typo

-The world was saved by Indiana Jones

-They meant 21-12-2012-give-or-take-a-few-years

-Some ancient Mayan blokes got drunk and started a bet

-Planet X Nibiru was a lot smaller than we thought

-The outcome was manipulated by Russian hackers

-They used ancient Paul the octopus

But because prophecies are always so bloody unpredictable it’s better to be safe than sorry I think. Which is why I’ve designed a Doomsday special to please the dogs gods: The Mayan dog harness. So no worries, from now on we will keep the planet completely safe from any form of catastrophe. Well, that is until Penny gets a chance to shred them to bits of course…



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