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Dachshunds do it Better!

We met a cute puppy in the park today. A happy little critter, the Swiffer type. The owner informed me tensely that she already had the little creature fairly well under control. She had an almost tangible aura of calm, assertive … Continue reading

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The Puppy Protocol…

When you go out in public with a puppy you sort of cease to exist. People throw themselves cooing on top of the little ball of fur, and as the owner you’ll get completely ignored: “Oooh! Puppy!! Hello, hello, hello! You are … Continue reading

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“Is that a Puppy ?!”

It’s now been 50 days since Laika has been shaven for her summer look. That means that I have gotten the question if Laika is a puppy at least 200 times. Not that I’m getting annoyed or anything. Or mind repeating … Continue reading

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