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Danke Schön !

Over the past week I received some really lovely pictures of Jarah’s family in Germany. They are all posted in the “Family Gallery”, feel free to take a look. Thanks for sending me those great pictures everybody! Really SUPER!! Advertisements

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Basic Instinct

Because it is the end of the summer season I need to tidy up my garden before the Fall kicks in. Jarah knows this. Animals are so close to nature, they have these natural instincts. I find it quite relaxing. … Continue reading

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Poor Puppy…

Yes, isn’t this a sad picture … : “I am a poor little Dachshund puppy and they make me sleep on a tiny little pillow. See how I need to squeeze my legs up so they don’t touch the cold, hard floor? Do … Continue reading

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Flash !

Lately, Jarah has developed the habit of taking on a classic hunting pose whenever she sees something interesting or exiting. It’s really cute to see so I decided I would take the dogs to the park and try to capture this wonderful new … Continue reading

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We’ve got Mail

When I came downstairs this morning I found a happy Dachshund puppy in my livingroom in the middle of a paper chaos. “Look mum! We’ve got mail! Isn’t this fun?!” Great…the mail was early today. I really don’t know why I even bother … Continue reading

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I am not sure, but it’s like Laika is trying to tell us something…Can a dog be suicidal? Who knows…Poor Laika…perhaps we should give her something to cheer her up. Something to keep her company and make her enjoy life again…Another … Continue reading

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Jarah is making herself more and more familiar with the phenomenon “hight”. First it was just climbing the first step of the stairs, but then another, and another, and before I knew it Jarah was jumping Kamikaze from the fourth … Continue reading

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