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The Case of the Dead Sparrow…

I almost bought a new coat the other day. You know how it goes, you do a bit of shopping here and there and then suddenly you see the most adorable coat. It looked like it was specially made for … Continue reading

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The Woes of a Dachshund…

Boohoo….I’m such a sad little Dachsie… I had found an awesome pile of fresh cat puke in the garden, complete with left over bits and all, it smelled really great. So I rubbed and rolled myself around in it, and … Continue reading

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The smelly Desert on my Couch

I find the fur of a Dachshund quite fascinating. It can absorb the most repulsive smells, effortlessly soak up liters of muddy water, drag along kilo’s of sand, and is then capable of getting completely clean again within an hour.  The most fascinating … Continue reading

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